Cole Lightfighter


Time-boxed assessment of software owned by the client. Able to perform assessments on web and binary applications, open to rip apart a custom network protocol as well.

Assessments requiring longer than 1-2 weeks are subject to price negotiation, and a custom OpenBazaar service will be created to match the agreed upon fee.

Vendor Cole Lightfighter
Keywords infosec, security, hacking, software, information security, penetration test, pentest
Vendor Category Software
Price per unit 1.0 BTC
Process time 2-3 days
Moderators Pandora Herbals, The Bitcoin Store, Michele Spagnuolo
Category Service
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns No returns
Terms Conditions Any worked performed is assumed to be on resources owned by the client, or resources the client is authorized to test. Any immoral, illegal activity will cause the immediate cessation of work by Cole Lightfighter, and compensation dispensed by client for all legal worked performed up to cessation of work. No legal action will be taken on my part, but your reputation will suffer. Think about who you are fucking with, word spreads fast as light.
Expiry Never
Last Seen 1 h
Hash bdbea515b2b56a91fc3bcbed22e448a5800c27a7
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