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Discover ideas about Tonkinese Cat. Tonkinese Natural Point - Photos. Tonkinese Cat Tonkinese. TONKINESE This is the Natural point Tonkinese. Tonkinese kittens are known as the most 'Dog-like" of all the cats. Tonkinese kittens are extremely family oriented and like new people and situations more than other cats. Our owners report that their cats greet them at the door at the end of the day just to say "welcome home!" They love riding. 04/08/2015 · Tapping lightly on the floor gets her attention, and the hand sign was "play" which she knows it means its time for a "chase the red dot" game, one of her fa. Freya, 1st Generation Natural Mink Tonkinese. Daughter to Savannah. Savannah Blue. Point Siamese. Tonkinese Kittens available now click here to see them.

Tonkinese kittens can be active so two of them might be a good idea. Tonkinese kittens have the trademark habit of "kissing" on the neck and face of their owners. If there are members of your family that would like a dog but, you want a kitten, a Tonkinese kitten may be just what the vet ordered! Tonkinese Platinum Point - Photos Warning Colors are not accurate on monitors or printers. Do not use these photos to make color determinations but use the standard description. The Cat Fanciers Association lists the Tonks as needing 16 months for the body colors to fully show and darken as they get older. Tonkinese colors refer to the points in the extremes, which include the tail, ears and face. There are currently 4 base colors- Blue, Natural, Champagne and Platinum, and 3 coat patterns, which are Solid, Mink and Point. Most people get confused by the Tonkinese coat colors when they first see a Tonkinese cat.Tonkinese come in 4 base coat colors blue, champagne, natural, and platinum with 3 coat patterns point, mink, solid for a total of 12 individual color combinations.

Many believe that the Golden Siamese were actually Tonkinese, which would establish its existence back to the 1800's. Both the Tonkinese and the Burmese, as we know them today, can trace their roots back to Wong Mau, a small chocolate colored cat with a natural 'mink' coat pattern. Photos of the best and 2nd best of each competitive color class in Championship Tonkinese from the first Championship season in 1984-1985. In the 2002-2003 show season, the points and solids were added as 2 new color classes in addition to the existing 4 mink color classes. Our CFA registered purebred Tonkinese kittens are extra special. in the first generation they come from very hardy original CFA registered Traditional Siamese and CFA registered Traditional Burmese blood lines and have since been bred true for sound health and an even disposition.

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