Bazaar Bay Recreation Discover Iceland – 25 Fascinating, Weird, and Downright Cool Iceland Facts

Discover Iceland – 25 Fascinating, Weird, and Downright Cool Iceland Facts

Discover Iceland is a family run tour operator offering tailor made day or multi day tours with fun Icelandic native driver guides. Explore the best of Iceland from can’t miss natural wonders, such as the Blue Lagoon and majestic waterfalls, to adrenaline pumping activities like snorkelling in glacial waters and trekking through ice caves.

It’s easy to see why Iceland has been gaining so much attention lately. The Land of Fire and Ice is a mesmerisingly beautiful destination, where stunning landscapes are complemented by Iceland’s charming people and rich culture. However, there’s so much more to Iceland than meets the eye. Read on for 25 fascinating, weird, and downright cool Iceland facts that you probably didn’t know about this Nordic gem. Read more

1. You can swim all year round in some of Iceland’s famous hot springs.

While some of these hot springs are manmade (like the famous Blue Lagoon), others have their origin in Iceland’s volcanic activity and geothermal energy. These naturally heated springs supply 25% of the country’s electricity and district heating needs.

Wildlife Wonders: Discovering the Fauna of Iceland’s Unique Ecosystems

Iceland’s folklore is filled with tales of trolls, elfs and other mythical creatures. You can even find troll statues around the country. And if you’re lucky enough to be there during the annual festival of Ltir, you may be treated to a performance by a group of elf dancers!

Iceland is also home to some pretty unique and beautiful birds. One of the most special is the puffin, a distinctive seabird that can be seen on many of the island’s scenic coastlines. It’s a must-see on any trip to Iceland!

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