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Excavating Costs – How to Find a Small Job Excavating Near Me

Whether it’s digging trenches for underground pipes or leveling land for new construction, excavation is an essential part of many projects. However, the labor-intensive job requires professional training and hefty equipment. While homeowners may be able to dig a small hole with rented equipment, small job excavating near me generally best to leave large-scale excavating tasks to professionals. In addition to avoiding costly mistakes, experienced contractors have access to larger equipment that can save time and money.

What are the three types of excavation?

In general, the price of excavating varies based on project size and location, soil type, and labor rates. The site’s accessibility also influences costs, as excavating contractors are more likely to charge a premium for hard-to-reach sites that require smaller or more specialized equipment. The time of year also affects pricing, as excavation companies often offer discounts during the early Spring or Fall.

Soil type also impacts excavation costs, as prices are lower for property with soft, loose soil compared to rocky terrain that needs extra caution when operating machinery. Additional site preparation costs, such as flagging buried pipes and utility lines or clearing the area to prepare for construction, will add to your overall excavation bill.

Some excavation contractors charge by the hour, while others offer flat-rate pricing for a specific service. For example, Hartloff Property Restoration in Olympia, Washington charges $60 per hour for topsoil excavation services, which includes one worker operating a backhoe tractor. Other excavation services, such as dirt removal or grading, are priced on a per-cubic-yard basis.

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