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12 - ABOUT ME Ive been building Wordpress websites, right from the infancy of the blog it was, and and have seen how Wordpress has evolved to become what it is now and due to which it is in  2017 is driving over 30%  websites built on the INTENET now. It is the simplicity of use of the particular open source CMS that have motivated millions of developers to build plugins and themes which makes every site unique. In todays world, any and every business can be built with wordpress. Its just that one needs to know and have the right combinations of plugins and themes that is required to build literally any kind of web business they want with it.  And trust me, ive been spending my last 10 years learning exactly that, and how to expolit the open source code to build leterally anything i or my customers want using Wordpress as the base. So its time you also could be utilising my services for a very cost effective flat $100 rate regardless of the complexity of your website. You see, i dont code, but i am so good in using the open source code that is in the open markets like github and the likes of it that i consider myself smarter than a regular developer to build whatever I want without wasting an eternity of my life in dumb coding. As i know so, that literally anyting i want is aldready been built and the source code is out there for me to just find and use. MY OTHER GENERAL EXPERIENCE In my process of educating myself, ive aquired knowledge of not just Wordpress, and webhosting biut i have also educated myself on subjects like SEO, online and offline, Internet marketing, email marketing, PPC, like Adwords / Adsense and now Facebook advertising, (most profitable now) to ebook creation, to selling reseller and PLR products to creating own infoproducts, even a stint into HYIP and the likes of it like egold and ecurrency exchange and strategy sports arbitrage betting etc. Also spend a long time in my life trading Forex marlets, regular and binary options and trading with robots.  MY CURRENT INTEREST Right now have a very keen interest in bitcoin and the blockchain technology. H aving seen bitcoin at its infancy and the way these cryprocurrencies  evolved, i strongly believe its gonna change the futire of this earth by altering the way we humans deal with business and finance to make this whole would a single big market regardless of any boundaries set by respective Govt entities. WHATS SO UNIQUE ABOUT THIS DEAL? You can buy readymade wordpress websites/ businesses here which will be all install ed and configured for you. What im offerring you is basically individual web businesses that would be functional from day one. All you need to do is market ur biz. U let me know Your business, n I can build a site / a business so cheap for you, just cos of all the knowledge and time Ive invested in Learning this. What im offerring you is not just a website, but infact each listing of mine would be an individual business in itself. So if you are aldready in a business and want a website, or if you are simply brainstorming differrent business ideas that you would like to start on the web, either way, just go through my listings, and rest assured, Im the best person to make it happen for you at this price. Not only that, You could talk to me about any aspects of ur business, or the subjects i spoke above and ill do my best to help you with my knowledge, and thats for free ok. HELLO - gone are the days when these developers take you for a ride and charge you exorbitant amounts to build sites, hell, some even have a per page rate, which is absolutely ridiculous. Id advice you to get the facts straight. cos it dont cost them to make a page or even a 100 pages.  THE INFRA-STRUCTURE Every site listing I post here is a Web business build using the most popular Wordpress CMS and using all the relevant plugins and required themes and configured for you.  Basically what i am offerring you is a plug and play website. Which as a developer i will configure and fine tune with your logo , content etc, and configured and setup for you. THE COSTINGS / PRICING You can choose any website / business you want, Every listing here is only for $100 each. Now this will be all inclusive with the theme, the plugins and the required settings and the required configurations to connect with Facebook / Google etc. And it will be installed on your server by me.