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Temporary Workers in France

In france, there are numerous industries that hire temporary workers to address their fluctuating staffing needs. Eu Workers include hospitality, retail and administration. The salary range for this type of work can vary significantly depending on industry & experience.

Temporary workers in France earn between 9 – 14 euros per hour. This is higher than the national average of 8.4 euros per hour.

The CDI, or contrat d’emploi de durée indéterminée, is the standard private work contract in France and employers must offer it to all employees unless there are compelling business reasons not to do so. It offers job security and is renewable unless either party terminates the contract by notice or if the employer dismisses the employee with just cause. Those who are dismissed for serious wrongdoing or for unpaid holidays will not receive compensation and may only be reimbursed holiday pay owed to them.

Exploring the Role of Temporary Workers in the French Labor Market

Another form of employment is the CTT, or contrat d’entraînement temporaire, which is a contract of service between a temping agency and an individual. It is valid for a set period, usually the length of a specific task, and can be renewed twice. The CTT is only available to those who have a valid long-stay visa (for UK citizens this is the France work permit for non-EU citizens). This visa requires that the applicant has an assignment letter from their French employer stating the purpose of their stay. This will be reviewed by the Regional Directorate of Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (Directions régionales de l’économie, du travail, du logement et des sociaux) before the worker can start working.

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