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When to Stop Contact Naps for Your Newborn

Contact naps are a common sleep practice for newborns and infants. They consist of a parent or caregiver holding their child while they rest, often with skin-to-skin contact like cuddles or breastfeeding. Contact naps can help promote bonding, increase the sense of security and comfort that babies need for good rest, reduce the risk of SIDS and improve sleep quality. They are a safe and effective sleep strategy and recommended by many pediatricians, including Harvey Karp, MD.

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While contact naps newborn are perfectly normal for most newborns and infants, there does come a time when they need to stop. It is important to transition baby to a safe sleep environment like their crib or bassinet when they reach an appropriate age and weight.

Practicing safe and healthy sleep habits for your baby is the most important thing you can do to help them get the rest they need. It’s also important to practice self-care for yourself and take breaks from all of the new responsibilities and demands of motherhood.

While contact naps are super special, beautiful and bonding for a little while, most moms will ultimately decide this is not sustainable in the long term. Babies can suffocate or hurt themselves on their parents while they are sleeping, and it’s not safe for the mom to fall asleep during nap time as well (as this often leads to night waking). In addition, moms need to be able to do Adult Things like cook dinner, clean the house and attend social engagements.

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