Description The sale contains: -Fujitsu Siemens D2300-B100 Dual Socket 771 Motherboard -Fujitsu 88040453 PCI-EXPRESS M93IL Riser PCIeX4 -6GB RAM -1X Xeon 3000DP/4M/667 CPU -SATA backplane All together, I don't sell these items separately. This is a private auction. No refunds, no returns, no shipping outside of the EU zone. Shipping in Germany is FREE, outside Germany +15 EUR. Shipping is only possible on Saturdays. Please only bid on the item if you completely understood the terms. Thank you.
Vendor druiddroid
Keywords server, motherboard
Vendor Category Server
Price per unit 0.018431 BTC
Condition Used - excellent
Process time 1 day
Shipping Free
Shipping Origin Germany
Shipping Regions All
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Expiry 2017-12-14T09:55 Utc
Last Seen 5 m
Hash f7d7d0d2a14e1e2d379a694a938a01190be08a3a
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