Perry Smit


I will invite you in a virtual world where you can meet all kind of other blockchain and bitcoin experts. We create rooms for great ideas and work them out by using tools like videoconference, scrum walls, chats etc..  Do you want launch a blockchain initiative or learn from other blockchainers? Join this world. I send you an invite by email. I need your email address for this part. Will work on Windows and MAC, it's based on Terf. I will invite you, walk you arround and discuss your ideas.

Vendor Perry Smit
Keywords virtual world, advise, business, books, blockchain, terf
Price per unit 0.005 BTC
Process time 24 hours
Moderators siphr, Max
Category Service
Sub Category Fixed Price
Terms Conditions This moment can have maximum access of 20 users on the sametime. When we succeed we will expand the license. You will need a good internetconnection, a headset is appreciated as well.
Expiry 2019-09-13T21:12 Utc
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Hash 8a0e94d09983b404d7784af65d60ee424fd70606
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