Yorkton Imports


Hold you cell phones and charge them simultaneously.


2 - USB ports (1A and 2.1A)

1 - LED

2 - Bluetooth Speakers

Vendor Yorkton Imports
Keywords cellphone stand, bluetooth speakers, batterybank, electronics, electronic gifts, cellphone accesories, powerbank, yorkton
Vendor Category Electronics
Price per unit 50 CAD
Condition New
Process time 2 days
Flat Shipping Fee Domestic 2 CAD
Flat Shipping Fee International 3 CAD
Shipping Origin Canada
Shipping Regions Canada
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns Full refund within 15 days minus shipping fees.
Expiry Never
Last Seen 4 m
Hash 5b35e6eb2b4bfa088835b9ea4d81a00e6933dd3c
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