It was love at first sight.

Found her on the side of the road in Grass Valley Ca., 4th of July weekend, 2009. She was in just the saddest and most decrepit shape you could imagine, rats nests under the seats, disentigrated duct tape on the torn up upholstery, generations of decomposing leaves and pine needles in every corner. But all the parts were there, the chrome, the white cast iron steering wheel, the awesome old badges. Some of the details were just too good to be true, like the mesmerizing wave texture pressed into the exterior of the fiberglass top, and the textured multi-colored vinyl behind the storage pockets on either side... And she was in good shape mechanically, with less than 1000 hours on the original Chevy straight six. The old farmer who was selling her said he had just changed the oil and sure enough she started right up and purred like a kitten, just sitting there on her custom painted, color matched, pin-striped dual axle trailer.


I spent two years bringing her back, truly a labor of love, my first and only boat or boat project to this day. Hours and hours would slip by in the shop, sometimes I would finally look at the clock and realize it was 4 in the morning when I would have guessed it was 10pm. Had the hull reglassed, upholstery redone (took the guy 9 months to find the matching color vinyl) new marine grade astroturf, vacumed and scrubbed and polished every square centimeter inside and out with a fine tooth comb, stem to stern I think they say.

I was going to replace the wood-grain trim strips along each side of the interior with real wood, sanded and stained, but after some consideration realized that the fact of how it was done originally - wood grain vinyl wrapped around and stapled to thin plywood strips (which had both long since disentegrated) was exactly how she wanted to stay. So I ever so gingerly removed and restored the original vinyl, cut new wood the exact same size, and re-wrapped and stapled it, to keep that crazy, unbridled mid-century optimism as fully intact as possible.

Some other nice touches worth mentioning, I added a fuel/water seperator to keep the motor happy, a second tray for a backup battery, a Honda 9.9 outboard with a reteactable quick-release fuel line plumbed into the original tank (outboard attaches and removes easily, no tools required) there is a built in cooler for drinks and food located under the hinged, silver-and-gold-flecked white countertop which drains meltwater to the outside of the hull, there is storage in the bow which is accesible both from the cabin and through the tophatch on the front deck, and t he double wide front & back facing seat folds down very easily into nice comfy bed for two...

Topped her off with a custom-made, color matched Sunbrella cover and I swear she is without a doubt one of the prettiest things I have ever seen in my life.

I have never seen another one like her, not in person, not in pictures, not in forums, or searches - nowhere never.

She has been garaged with the cover on ever since, and now, sadly, the time has come for us to part ways... I hear her calling me, and I think she is saying she wants to see the sun once again.

I just discovered OpenBazzar, and the idea that she could be sold on this brilliant new platform for a kind of currency that she nor I could have never imagined is as intriguing as the lady herself. I will not list her anywhere else... I have a feeling that this might just be the way she will find her perfect new home.

I will deliver her personally anywhere in the US except AK or HI, for a negotiable USD$250 COD west of the Mississippi or USD$500 COD to the east.

All reasonable offers considered. Email me at fareye at protonmail daught calm for more pics or with any Q's.

Further info on Sabrecraft can be found here:  http://www.fiberglassics.com/library/Sabre_Craft

Check out my Ebay feedback - User: Seattle42 - 100% positive since 1999. Can not wait to see that miserable hellhole burn to the ground. Thanks OpenBazzar!

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