Description Gift Card Code for Shake Shack!

Please note that it may take up to 12 hours to receive your gift card.
Vendor Accounts-R-Us
Keywords food, gift card, gift, card, code, shake, shack, burgers
Vendor Category Gift Card
Price per unit 22 USD
Process time 1 Day
Category Digital Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Terms Conditions 1. To redeem: Download and install an app that is capable of generating a scannable barcode like Stocard/Gyft/PocketZee/giftme. 2. Put the Gift Card Code into the app to generate a barcode. 3. Present the barcode to the cashier at checkout. ********************************************* I will send the Gift Card Code shortly. After you receive the Gift Card Code, check the gift card balance on Shake Shack's website:
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