Description Reliable Supplier of Nootropics. ISO:9001:2008 CERTIFIED SGS VERIFIED SUPPLIER GRAS FDA APPROVED PRODUCTS

Everything we sell has been sourced from NSF GMP CERTIFIED , FDA GRAS APPROVED or SGS AUDITED SUPPLIERS . We stand by our word that all of our products are true to what they are. <br/>

We provide 100% pure products with HPLC or relevent analysis to make sure you know what you are getting. By AUGUST 2017 all products will be Third Party Tested, HPLC, NMR & Tested for Heavy Metals.

Our suppliers are also given out freely to the public, we have nothing to hide. Everything we sell is 100% legal, however one product we stock NSI-189 which is legal, however is in a grey area due to patent issues. So we look forward to being able to supply NSI189 also. 

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