NSI 189 is a derivative of Nicotinamide and Pyrazine you will receive 1 GRAM of Legitimate NSI-189 Phosphate. Phosphate being a more stable form over freebase. NSI-189 phosphate is a White fluffy powder. Supplied by and soruced from a ISO9001:2008 Certified laboratory. Supplied by a SGS Audited Supplier Supplier has been inspected by SGS, undergone testing, verification and certification. COA & HPLC SPECTRUM are sent with NSI-189 SGS VERIFICATION NO: QIP-ASI139297 VIEW : COA LINK : HPLC SPECTRUM DATA : **WILL BE SENT IN UNLABELED PACKAGING, IN SMALL ENVELOPE WITH COA & HPLC SPECTRUM** CAN BE DECLARED AS VITAMIN B3 POWDER FOR CUSTOMS CLEARANCE. NSI -189 Supplier Details SGS VERIFICATION NO: QIP-ASI139297 Go to and search QIP-ASI139297 The lab has been verified by SGS, which is the largest Laboratory testing company. Certifications: SGS VERIFICATION DOCUMENT BY SGS.COM ISO CERTIFIED BY IQNET ISO CERTIFICATION BY CQC.COM

Manufactured By Xi'an Lyphar Biotech

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