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The DipStick is a progressive new product from Improve LLC - a specialist e-cig and vaporizer company based in Houston, Texas in the USA.

The DipStick is different to other vaporizers: it has no bowl, requires no loading, and creates no mess - you simply dip the tip directly into your chosen concentrates or wax and you're ready to vape straight away.  The tip of the DipStick is made from a food-grade ceramic material which shields the advanced nickel-plated chrome coil.

The DipStick is equipped with one of the most powerful heating elements currently available.  The vape heats up instantaneously, allowing you to quickly and efficiently take a quick dab without any of the usual rigmarole and ceremony of setting up a dab rig, heating a nail, preparing a dab on a dabbing tool and then using vapour domes and carb caps to get the best hit.  Once the DipStick is up to vaping temperature (takes approx 1 second), the user simply skates the heated tip across the surface of the wax or oil while simultaneously inhaling from the mouthpiece.  This technique may take a couple of attempts to master, but once you have it nailed, you'll never look back.  Hits taste pure, clean and untainted thanks to the food-grade elements in the tip and a stainless steel airpath that runs straight through the device.

The DipStick features an integrated reclaim chamber which traps any overspills of wax, so you can vape it later.  The whole unit can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning purposes, and even includes a specially designed scraping tool to help you snag all your reclaim.  Also included in the package are a spare vapour tip, two batteries, charger, a dabbing tool, two glass concentrate jars, a cleaning kit, lanyard and a concise user manual.

The DipStick surely heralds the dawn of a seismic shift in the way people enjoy their favourite waxes, oils and honey.  We believe this new product is destined for greatness, such is the quality of manufacturing, simplicity of design and ease of use.  

Order your DipStick from PureSativa today and join the dabbing revolution.

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