Description I will pick something(s) ~worth the BTC you pay & ship it USPS+DC within the U.S. (including to an international shipping forwarding service of your choice). 

Total value of all possible items in the thousands of USD, but this listing is just for a limited denomination of my New condition items - not the total value of all my New condition items, which I have yet to calculate.

Impossible items: vehicles, furniture, items illegal to possess, perishable food, and others that are illegal to ship (or cost more to ship than the actual item) via USPS.
Vendor TheButterZone
Keywords mystery box, mystery, anything, random, surprise, new
Price per unit 35 USD
Condition New
Process time 1 business day
Shipping Free
Shipping Origin United States
Shipping Regions United States
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns No returns or exchanges.
Terms Conditions Must specify in advance of ordering... 1) If I should use anything other than the cheapest possible tracked USPS service based on your package dimensions, destination, weight. As shipping is included in the total you pay, my default is to minimize shipping cost & maximize the value of the contents. 2) What type of things you absolutely do or don't want, if any. 3) If you don't want only New condition items.
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