50,000.66641  XRP are on rME4iXc1wzG47nbFd8yZ71n6qxrGmnpARE

Must read Terms & Conditions.

Vendor TheButterZone
Keywords altcoin, ripple, xrp
Price per unit 60000 USD
Process time 8 hours max
Category Digital Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Terms Conditions I've intentionally overpriced this. As long as shows the all-time high is 0.00024351 BTC/XRP, my price for this secret key will be 12.1755 BTC. You must message me before your purchase so I can fix that price to USD/BTC/XRP (I can't change my global setting for local currency without messing up my fiat-floated items).
Expiry Never
Last Seen 2 m
Hash c67a58e1d2c637d7aebfb2ef45e2a05df2927874
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