Robert Kupis


Remote computer help from IT specialist.

* Buy it and I will diagnose your problem using Team Viewer (you must install free Team Viewer app first).

* Then I will propose you one of the 3 options: 10USD  / 15USD / 25USD packet. If you agree I will solve your problem remotely .

Vendor Robert Kupis
Keywords computer, help, pc, IT, service, support, windows, problem, remote
Vendor Category It
Price per unit 5 USD
Process time 5 working days
Moderators Mad creator's garage, Emmet Brown's Bazaar, Michael Hoffmann, grigio
Category Service
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns No return for the this diagnostic service - only later service packet options can be returned if problem wasn't solved.
Terms Conditions IMPORTANT!!! Please use chat first to describe problem and your basic system specification (Operating System e.g. Windows10 Pro, memory size e.g. 4GB). Then I will deicide if I will go and make diagnose so you can purchase this service. Hours of service: 07:00UTC-10:00UTC and 15:00UTC to 19:00UTC. Only Windows and Android OS family supported!
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