Robert Kupis


Please support self-tought artist ! I will be very happy if you will donate me. I have no job currently. I love to create paintings and drawings. Your donation will help me to buy some paper or canvas for my next artworks. You will receive one of my funny or cute cat photos . Yes, I love cats and shooting some photos from time to time using my good old smartphone ;) .

I will send you an photo to your e-mail or some file storage service - it's your choice (tell me on chat).

THANKS for all your SUPPORT !!!

Vendor Robert Kupis
Keywords support, help, art, donation, donate, painting, photo, cute, cat
Vendor Category Donations
Price per unit 3.70 USD
Process time Up to 3 working days.
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Category Digital Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns It's donation and it's digital item. So you must receive it - there is no other option! So no returns.
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