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Description Youtube channel ran by user mk-ultra on all things cryptocurrency, internet and related.


is a cryptocurrency and technology related blog/videoblog ran by a few dedicated people but mostly the creator, known typically online as mk or mk-ultra.  

<u>Services such as:</u>

<u>Audio/Video Editing</u>- Podcasters, game studios, video content creators and more can buy packages or subscriptions where I will edit to your specifications the audio and even video of your projects

<u>MTHRSHP Audio Design / Scoring</u>-  MTHRSHP is a side-project channel for us at BRAINS1CKtv involving synthesis design, SFX (Foley & more) and even custom music scores for your games/films/etc

<u>Custom Animated GiFs/Twitch Streamer Frames</u>:  As an OBS Studio expert (many years using OBS and OBS Studio) I have gotten a few requests for designs.

<u>Consulting</u>:  Information on any of the above or related fields including cryptocurrency markets and beyond. 

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