/ MTHRSHP audio & visual design


Podcast* Mixing, Mastering and Editing  

*Any audio, podcast is just used as an example due to its popularlity from clients.   If you want us to edit audio for a video and sync it to the video there is an additional but small fee

The price for anything below 30m can be negotiatied.

This package includes:

○ Initial Consultation and review of the desired clip.  We reserve the right to refuse any pieces that may be deemed un-fixable, however there will be 0 charge for that or any tips we may share for the next recording.

○ Removal of unwanted background noise.   Hums, Static, etc.  

○ Proper equalization and compression of the audios dialougue and important SFX so that it is brought to the front of the mix

○ The choice of Stereo or mono mixing (We can provide both for a small additional fee)

Vendor / MTHRSHP audio & visual design
Keywords audio, sound, podcast, video, editing, mixing, mastering, dialogue, talking, sfx
Vendor Category Audio Services
Price per unit 0.002 BTC
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Category Digital Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns If you are unhappy with the recording you may send it back for some more editing for 1 free re-mix. After that any redo's will cost a small fee.
Terms Conditions We reserve the right to refuse any pieces that may be deemed un-fixable, or not worth the time required to invest. We will not charge for any work that is refused.
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