Description 1 kg - KALEA ZAKATECHICHI (leaves of God)

Very bitter dried Mexican herb. You can drink like tea (a teaspoon per glass) or smoke (2 cigarettes). Because of the bitter smoke, it's best to smoke through a bong with water. Clarifies consciousness in reality. It aggravates dreams, can give access to conscious dreams. It makes the boundaries between sleep and reality, sleep and sleep awareness more subtle. To all this has antimicrobial effect, from gastric disorders and diseases, from worms, infections. Displays parasites both on the physical and mental level. It was used by the shamans of Mexico as a cure for demons, who were obsessed with people who had not seen dreams. Reduces attraction to alcohol, smoking and other permanent habits. Has a sedative effect. Side-effect: it can be difficult to wake up in the morning, falling into the power of conscious dreams or, conversely, being tempted by the management of dreams. It is recommended to take a contrast shower in the morning.
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