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Gold  Neoprene Beach Bag Tote

Neoprene is our latest summer love affair. If you’re looking for the ultimate trend-setting, trans-seasonal bag, then our Neoprene Totes are just what you need. Everything you need will fit seamlessly inside our neoprene tote: from gym gear to beach essentials, daily shopping to mum on the run, this is your ultimate any-occasion bag with a sleek design and generous size. The internal detachable purse keeps your valuables safe. 

We know that a woman’s handbag gets a lot of love, which is why our totes are made with modern neoprene material and sturdy rope handles, making them machine washable. Your Neo Love tote will always be in perfect shape.

- Made from perforated neoprene fabric - Sailing rope handles provide strength with minimal stretch and weight - Press studs allow you to compress size of bag, when necessary - Detachable zip purse for storing valuables - Cold machine wash and drip dry

Material: 95% neoprene, 5% polyester. Measures: W 38cm x H 30cm x D 14cm. Includes matching detachable purse: L 23cm x W 13cm
Vendor Love From Cyprus
Keywords bag, beach, summer, fashion, design, bohemian, women, style
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