These two ebooks explain how I took my double wide mobile home off the grid in 2006. I explain with pictures and diagrams how to go off the grid using solar panels, charge controllers and inverters. One book explains the conversion process and the other ebook talks about using solar or deep cycle batteries. At the end of the battery ebook, I have a bonus chapter on how I converted my Moms RV to solar power. I dont hide my failures and I do share my successes.

Even if you dont want to go totally off the grid, you can convert a work shop, RV, water well or home lighting to solar power. My ebooks can be your guide. Now that I've gone solar, I truly have no desire to go back to the power company. Let me help you "tear up you power bill" or at least minimize it. 

These ebooks are in pdf format and the free  Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher is required to read them. Ipads will require you to install an app to read pdf.

A link and password is sent to you to enable the two files to be downloaded at

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