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Bitcoin Silicone Wristbands
0 - <h3>I've been in the Bitcoin space since early 2012</h3><p>I'm really proud of my design for the <b>'Bitcoin Accepted Here' silicone wristbands</b>!</p><p>Back in 2013 when someone submitted a link to my website on /r/bitcoin, I sold hundreds of these awesome wristbands in a day.</p><h3>Now Thousands Sold</h3><p>Many years on and I've sold <b>several thousand</b> all around the world. They have been worn by attendees and speakers at <b>conferences</b>, on the wrists of staff in <b>retail stores</b>, and of course by <b>bitcoin enthusiasts </b>like you and me.</p><h3>Bulk Orders Available</h3><p>Through <b>Open Bazaar</b>, you can purchase a single wristband if you want to have a look before buying in bulk.</p><p><b>Bulk orders</b> of 100+ are heavily discounted through economies of scale. The more you order, the cheaper the per-unit cost becomes.</p><h3>Shipping Times</h3><p>For small quantities of wristbands that I have in stock (1, 2, 5, 10, 20), they will be sent to you one day after your funds have cleared. Give it a week to arrive on your doorstep.</p><p>For bulk quantities of 100+ units, we have a fresh batch manufactured just for you. They are shipped directly from the factory to your door. The time from bulk order to delivery is usually 2 to 3 weeks (depends on your location).</p><h3>Happy to Chat</h3><p>Feel free to <b>chat to me</b> if you have any questions. I'm in Australia, so please excuse delays in replying if we're in different timezones.</p><p>Peace.</p>

Open Source Photos
0 - <p>I want to share my photography with the world. That is the idea behind Open Source Photography. To me it brings joy knowing my work inspires others to create/share/distribute/profit/feel emotion in some way.</p><p>I want to distribute my photography cheaper than any stock photo website &amp; without the hassle. Purchase a photo once and do what you want with it no questions asked. </p><p><span>Using blockchain technology each image will have an link to verify the authenticity to myself.</span></p><p>Whether it is someone admiring my work from across the globe who will never get a chance to see The Great Lakes, or someone who wants to take my images and make some themes then re-sell them on the Bazaar, it doesn't matter to me what you wish to do with my photos.</p><p>I will do my best at checking orders daily/creating download links/distributing digital files. It should take no longer than 24-48 hours. This will be streamlined much better is V 2.0</p><p>Enjoy the digital media revolution!</p><p>Also I'd appreciate any feedback as to what image types you would like to see more of or what I could do better to appeal to your particular needs.</p><p>Just learning this stuff as I go. I have my VPS node running now (hopefully stable) and if you have any questions or want any help in setting yours up (I used Digital Ocean) I can try to help you free of charge as I do not claim to be an expert by any means. Just shoot me a message.</p><p>Password to my website is "opensource101" without the quotes. This uses traditional payment methods if you do not want to buy my stuff with bitcoin.</p>