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How to Use a Journal:   The Really Useful Guide  by Tim Milne

Only about 10% of the population has written goals and only about 1% use a journal to record them. So congratulations as when you start using your journal you will be one of a self-selected few.

Your journal is your tool for personal discovery, the place to keep ideas, and a place to analyse those ideas and form fresh ideas.

Recording your life is chaotic and therefore a filing system is required and this is your journal. It allows you to assemble the thoughts / information that has come your way.

An index at the back of each volume can be useful. Just list the highlights of your entries – with page numbers.

To cut down any chaos within the journal it is suggested setting aside certain sections for goals, quotes, new speeches, ongoing projects, problems and anything else you want to record.

Remember it is your book – you decide what, when, where and how you record your life.

Enjoy this book now!

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