Retail License of Windows 10 pro, compared to Home it includes Bitlocker and Remote Desktop. This is the Retail license which means you can move it to any new hardware as much as you like, this license is linked to its account, not the hardware. Beware if you buy an OEM edition, once it’s installed on your computer you can’t move it to another computer. To use this product, it’s straightforward.

Do a clean install from ISO (Google).

-   During installation don’t put any S/N, just say “later”.

-   Install with a local account.

-   Once Windows is all set, just link the local account to the account we’re giving you, which is the one that has Win 10 Pro linked to it.

-   From now on, every time you want to install on a new computer, you’ll have Win 10 pro activated as long as you use this account.

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Returns We can’t refund as once we pass onto you the credentials of this Microsoft account, you get full ownership and control.
Terms Conditions Each item will include the initial Windows Key. However you won't need it as the license is now tied to the account we'll give you. To move your license to another computer, from command promp "slmgr /upk" to uninstall it from the old computer, then as soon as you install on the new computer it will activate itself. There are no limits to the number of times you can move it.
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