In stock! This laptop only runs open source software, all the way from the operating system Trisquel 7 (or Debian) down to the BIOS which has been replaced with Libreboot. Unlike most other laptops, Libreboot X200 comes completely free of unwanted bloatware, DRM, spyware or other restrictions on how you get to use your computer. Libreboot is a way to avoid the abuse that you get with other computers. Even Richard Stallman himself uses Libreboot!

There are a few practical advantages to using Libreboot instead of a proprietary BIOS firmware; faster boot times, better security and customization, to name a few. Libreboot, which is based on coreboot, is recommended by the Free Software Foundation as boot firmware that has been verified to respect and protect your privacy, security and freedom.

The laptop can be configured with password protection in a few different ways. The BIOS can be password protected, so that nobody can boot your laptop from a USB drive without knowing the password. One can also set up Full Disk Encryption so that nobody can physically remove the hard drive and read the contents using another computer without knowing the password. Finally your personal account can be password protected as well.

This ultra-portable 12.1' laptop is built using strong materials like magnesium and carbon fiber, which makes it both light and tough.

Included in the package:

  • Libreboot X200 with battery
  • AC adapter (EU power cable provided, adapter uses C6/clover-leaf inlet)


  • Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26GHz processor
  • Graphics: Intel GMA 4500MHD
  • Screen: 12.1' 1280×800 TFT LCD
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Ports: 1x VGA, 3x USB 2.0, 5-in-1 card reader, 1x headphone, 1x microphone, 1x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x ExpressCard/54
  • Size: 295mm x 233mm x 35,3mm
  • Weight: 1.7 Kg
  • Upgraded with an 802.11n Wi-Fi card (Atheros AR5BHB92, AR9280 chipset), ensuring full compatibility with the libre drivers in Trisquel.
  • Intel Management Engine (ME) firmware is completely removed.

Other RAM and SSD configurations available, please check my store.

Comes with english keyboard.

When new Libreboot versions are released, you are able to update to the newer version using software, no disassembling needed.

The Libreboot X200 is a modified ThinkPad X200, with Libreboot and Trisquel 7.0 LTS or Debian pre-installed.

The user is free to change to any other Linux OS on their own, but Trisquel (based on Ubuntu), Debian and Parabola (based on Arch) are recommended as they are guaranteed to be 100% open source distributions without any closed source software included.

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