Curious? Let us reprosess up to 30 seconds of audio for FREE the 1st time. Let your ears be the judge. Fair? Beyond that, the cost is .001 BTC per second of processed audio.  We'll need you to send the original file - preferably in a LOSSLESS format such as WAV or FLAC (better).  We'll put it into the processing pipeline & return the result to you in MP3 or AAC+. FLAC output is available for a 10% surcharge to cover larger size xmit fees. And yes - there is a human tech involved in this process so your concerns can always be addressed with a live person who has your interests at heart. Turnaround usually in 72 business hours. Crash jobs (1 day turnaround) are available for a minimum 50% surcharge.

Vendor SpectreLayer
Keywords audio waveform repair 911 evidence
Vendor Category Waveform-Repair
Price per unit 0.001 BTC
Process time 72 Business-hours per hour of audio or less.
Category Service
Sub Category Fixed Price
Returns N/A
Terms Conditions It's been said that we can work miracles. The odds are than we can improve the quality of your source audio. However - there are occasions that arise where we cannot turn the sow's ear back into a silk purse. We cannot unconditionally guarantee the quality of the final output. In circumstances where the final file is unimproved - we can work a discount or credit arrangement. However - the attempt to reconstruct a file incurs a time investment and our techs do not work for free. Our fees are therefore firm unless otherwise negotiated.
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