Description I don't like ebay, but open source! Vendor and Moderator (Deutsch / english)

Store Closed,  I'm on Openbazaar 2.0 now !!!


Welcome !

I'm selling random stuff

Any questions ? Contact me! (english / Deutsch)

online 24/7

Latest updates (

26.09.17: Folow me on Openbazaar 2.0 ob://QmeRw4K4s5HvWmYZhTdDt8mdr5rf6MCNZHW51T8ZmKKF9g/home

26.05.17: Over 14 Stores now trust me as a Moderator:

24.05.17: I just sold for the second time

09.04.17: I just sold my old Laptop :) My first sell on Openbazaar

04.04.17: this store is now a "trusted store" on duosearch :

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Moderator ?

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Moderator Policy

... soon

I'll refuse to resolve any disputes for the following items:

  • Pornography (except physical goods)
  • Weapons (accept knives)
  • illegal Drugs / prescription drugs
  • Other items which are forbidden to sell or own (in Germany)


Moderation Fees

I will not charge any fees, until I gained reputation / trust.


  • shipping cost will be partly refunded if lower than expected / advertised
  • Not shipping to your country ? Contact me!

Purchase multiple items 

please contact me with a list of items you want to buy. 


Fingerprint: 373A C1CA BCDB 4A5A 4A02 E567 83CB 8E9F C2EC C21C


Find my Homepage on IPFS or via webproxy


Location Germany
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Customer Service: 5.0
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