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Are you an artist who is unsure what kind of art you want to me, or feel you are stagnating in your development as an artist? Are you interested in developing your creative vision to more effectively express yourself in meaningful ways?  Are you interested in learning more about what art is and what your value as an artist is? I am a fine art photographer whose work has been collected internationally. I am led to believe that my work is unique in comparison to anything I've seen online, and that is because I've spent extensive time developing my creative vision. I lead fellow artists toward artistic development by pointing them toward self-development.  My commitment to helping you on your path will go as deeply as you are comfortable. I am looking for serious clients who are open to learning more about themselves and the nature of humanity.

Vendor John Dykstra Art Photography
Keywords artistic vision, fine art, art photography, conceptual photography, art consultant, creative vision, art making
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Terms Conditions Clients must work out a scheduled phonecall or meeting ahead of time with myself. Must be able to speak English fluidly. This is a relationship-based service, meaning the more I know about who you are, what kind of art you're creating, and what you're looking to accomplish, the more I can advise you in your artwork. Payment includes one hour of consulting.
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