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Intel I7 4770K GeForce GTX 560 Ti 12 GB DDR3 RAM Kingston HyperX MSI Z97S SLI Krait 2 TB Hard Drive

I don´t need my PC anymore since I´ve stopped gaming. I´ve just moved the parts into a new case because i had it here anyways. I did something wrong so one RAM got damaged but the other three are still good. I´ve removed the broken RAM and now this computer works like a charm. The new case is ultra clean and very silent. You can adjust the case fan speed on the front panel easily in three speeds. You get pretty good parts in this build. Stop by and check it out. Price is final !!!

Pickup location: Hamburg

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Vendor piezo
Keywords Case, computer, pc, desktop
Vendor Category Tech
Price per unit 400 EUR
Condition Used - good
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Flat Shipping Fee International 59 EUR
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