Description The Golden Age of Dutch and Flemish painting was one of the major schools of painting in Western Europe with estimates ranging from £10,000 to £100,000 (cf. Sotheby’s)
This portrait comes from important private collection and is in excellent original condition. Probably is it a portrait of a prince Maurits of Orange. 
The portrait is attributed to Michiel van Miereveld (1567 – 1641). Van Miereveld registered as a member of the Delft painters' guild in 1587 and served as its “hoofdman” on two occasions, from 1589 to 1590 and again from 1611 to 1612. He frequently traveled the short distance to The Hague to work at the court of the Stadholder, Prince Maurits of Orange. His reputation was great. The king of Sweden and the count palatine of Neuburg presented him with golden chains; Albert VII, Archduke of Austria, at whose court he lived in Delft, gave him a pension; and Charles I vainly endeavoured to induce him to visit the English court (cf. Wikipedia). His paintings are present in the Rijsmuseum in Amsterdam and the National Gallery of Art, Washington. 

Measurement: ca. 37,5 x 45,5 cm (ca. 14,5 x 18 inch)
Certificate of authenticity and provenience included.
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