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The best value CBD vape product (per mg of CBD) on the market in Europe today (by a long shot). Very potent. 600mg of CBD in 1ml, yes 1 millilitre, that’s 60% CBD…

To put it into perspective you could buy one of these carts and empty it into 30ml of e-juice and still have a potent vape product.


100% Natural, super tasty and effective. This device is perfect for the 1st time vaper  or veteran cannabis connoisseur . NOT FOR CLOUD CHASERS !

*This cartridge with fit onto any other vape pen battery to save you purchasing the Synergy Extracts starter kit.


Europe’s first wickless high concentration CBD vape cart to use terpene’s as the carrier. Synergy have used their best selling, 85%, full spectrum, highly concentrated CBD crumble as the base extract and terpene’s to dilute and give flavour.

The Synergy Extracts preflled vape cartridge contains 710mg of full spectrum winterised 85%+ CBD crumble. A total of 600mg of CBD in 1 millilitre (ML) (60% potency). 510 connection.

  • As much CBD in 1ml as other CBD e-liquids have in 30ml.
  • Perfect for microdosing.
  • Discreet & easy to use
  • Free from Propylene glycol (PG) Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).
  • Perfect for a 1st time vaper or veteran cannabis connoisseur .
  • Contains CBD, CBG and CBC as well as many other naturally occurring terpene’s and flavonoid’s
  • The extract has been dewaxed/winterised.

Terpene Flavours:

Pineapple Headband

Blueberry Headband

Lemon Haze

Pineapple Express

Orange Crush

Lavender Kush


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