Best Honey on Earth


Best Honey on Earth, made with love by French bees

(the only workers not on unemployment in this country :-)))

The one thing even Barack & Donald agree on, is that: " Hillary's honey is not as good "

Watch them work like crazy to bring you the best honey in the world (according to my Mom :-)

We post 2 videos daily: 24h the day before and 1 minute direct-live @ 2PM (UTC+1):  

  • Our honey is perfect for your long gaming sessions, when your attention span starts to fail you.  A spoon of our magic potion and you're ready to go for another 8 hours.
  • If you are an e-Sport competitor, recharge regularly with this energy booster, no risk of an anti-doping  control.
  • Are you a big Pokemon hunter? Our honey will make your visibility acute and reinforce your endurance in flushing out a Pokemon. And with your doubled strength after consuming our honey, you will not fear facing the Akwakwak.
  • Do you spend your night coding ? Take a break! With a cracker, a piece of blue cheese and a sprinkle of our honey you'll take advantage of your 64bits.
  • Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Apple Watch, Linux, Windows & MacOS compatible.  Your fitness activity trackers will be surprised by your new performance after one week of consuming our nectar.

    To thank our bees individually, don't hestitate to request the names of the 200 000 ladies who produced our honey for 2016.

    We pamper them for you. They work surrounded by music, to the sounds of the Bee-Gees and Sting! But they have forgotten the lyrics, that’s why they hum ;)

    Organic - 100% free of pesticides or environmental pollutants:
    Check out this magnificent environnement:

    Hipster approved ! With our Vitamin Bee, your beard will be silky and shiny.

    Multi-Flower means:
    We leave our hives in one spot, the bees gather nectar from a multitude of flowers that blossom throughout the spring & summer season. 
    Our surrounding environment mainly includes: Chestnuts (a lot!), field flowers, fruit trees, blackberries, broom & heather. 
    We extract the honey before the blooming of the ivy, to leave the ladies some reserves for the winter season. 

    250 grams of honey.  8.8oz

    Production of September 2016.

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