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This is a listing for 5 oz (142 g) of shade-dried Artemisia absinthium  leafs. Handpicked from Pandora's organic garden, where we use no pesticides and only feed organic fertilizers. Shipped through expedited mail with tracking. Expect delivery on 3 business days (Europe) or 5 business days (rest of the world). It may take up to a month on countries with slow customs. Artemisia absinthium (syn. Artemisia officinale ) is commonly known as absinthe or wormwood. A hardy herbaceous plant from the temperate regions of Eurasia. It's leaves are covered with silvery trichomes that produce oils with powerful terpenes such as thujone. These terpenes give it both a distinctive pungent smell and a mild psychedelic effect. Wormwood is used as the main ingredient in the spirit absinthe, as well as flavouring agent in some other alcoholic drinks such as mead. It is also used as traditional medicine throughout Europe.

Vendor Pandora Herbals
Keywords Artemisia absinthium, absinthe, wormwood, trichomes, thujone, psychedelic, spirits, alcoholic, drinks, mead
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