Description Features: Diamond Etched Detailing Bitcoin Themed Bracelet

Materials: Stainless Steel and Silicon

Colour : Black with Red detail

Country: Germany

Vendor PhysiBit
Keywords bitcoin, stainless steel, bracelet, jewelery, silicon
Vendor Category Jewelery
Price per unit 20 GBP
Condition New
Process time 3-5 Business Days
Moderators Mitchell
Est Delivery Domestic 3-5 Business Days
Est Delivery International 7-15 Business Days
Flat Shipping Fee Domestic 4.5 GBP
Flat Shipping Fee International 7.25 GBP
Shipping Origin Germany
Shipping Regions All
Category Physical Good
Sub Category Fixed Price
Expiry Never
Last Seen 1 m
Hash 36d7131e96396ce149d1b87c3a0de30ea7753064
Ratings star star star star star
Ratings: 1
Overall Rating: 5.0
Quality: 4.0
Matched Description: 5.0
Delivery Speed: 5.0
Customer Service: 5.0
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