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I will perform water hardness testing on a sample you provide. Most home water hardness kits only detect calcium and magnesium; I will screen the sample for calcium, magneisum, iron, lead, copper, nickel and several other common metals via ICP-MS with a detection limit of 1 part per billion (or lower for certain metals). If I find metals at that limit or above, I will quantitate them. I have over 10 years of analytical experience in glass, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, environmental and consumer goods. My laboratory is cGMP/GLP compliant, ISO-accredited and is ranked in the top 1000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. I take on these projects to provide advanced analytical options for individuals who likely would not have access otherwise... and to make up some of the money my employer REALLY ought to be paying me.

Vendor Scion of Alchemy
Keywords metals, analytical, chemistry, chemical, testing, water
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Returns No refunds. In addition, your sample will likely be destroyed in the process so do not send anything you can't afford to lose.
Terms Conditions Please use the Discussion section of your order to communicate with me about your sample. Once you have described your sample to me over that channel, I will either tell you how to send it to me or return your money if I am unable to perform the testing for some reason. Your money will remain in escrow until I deliver your data to you. I can not provide data on behalf of my laboratory. This means your results are for you and you alone. They will not be supported for litigation, patent application or submission to a regulatory body. I can not accept bodily fluids or controlled substances like testosterone and cannabis. Your sample must be able to travel legally in the U.S. without a chain of custody or special declarations.
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