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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose  ( argyreia nervosa ) is a perennial climbing vine native to the Indian subcontinent and introduced to numerous areas worldwide, including Hawaii, Africa, and the Caribbean. Though it can be invasive, it is often prized for its aesthetic value. Common names include adhoguda or vidhara , elephant creeper and woolly morning glory .

While several of its cousins in the Convolvulaceae family, such as rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui) and ipomoea tricolor (tlitliltzin), were used in shamanic rituals of Latin America for centuries, argyreia nervosa was not traditionally used for this purpose. Its properties were first brought to attention in the 1960s, despite the fact that the chemical composition of its seeds is nearly identical to those of the two species mentioned above, and the seeds contain the highest concentration of psychoactive compounds in the entire family.

Caution :The seeds of this plant contain LSA. Do not store in the reach of children! 

Contens 5 seeds .

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