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SUMMER SALE! DS-2.0 LSD Crystal (99% purity) 1g

This listing is for 500mg of our DS-2.0 LSD crystal, tested at 99% purity. All orders will be vacuum packed, and shipped with extra stealth. 

Please read this listing, check the top of our profile for important updates, and read Section 3 of our profile (regarding shipping and correct address format) in full, BEFORE ORDERING!

We now have a large supply of DS-2.0 available. Please PM for bulk discounts.

LCMS: https://imgur.com/a/Ok2i0NC


Our LSD:

Work has finally been completed on our long awaited DS-2.0 crystal, with an improved flash chromatography purification used to achieve 99% purity. This crystal is the next iteration of our long standing product, and we are extremely proud of the results. We have never produced crystal this pure, and the trip is so clean and euphoric that we can finally feel confident in naming this the 2.0 version of our work over the past 5 years in the LSD industry. And at last, we are happy to release it to the public.

The crystal itself is manufactured in a professional lab environment, with multiple stages of synthesis and purification to achieve the highest possible quality. In appearance, as you can see from the listing pictures, the small slender crystals are slightly off white, with an almost silver hue to their colour. The crystal has excellent solubility in both ethanol and H2O, and is very easy to make into a solution for dropper bottles, or laying onto tabs.

The effects:

Our DS-2.0 crystal is the highest quality we have been able to achieve to date, and thus even in relatively high doses produces a very visual and euphoric trip, with a high level of mental clarity throughout. There is zero bodyload (weight, pressure, or tightness of breathing which can often be associate with psychedelics), and it is very uncommon for customers to report any kind of anxiety, paranoia, or excessive confusion. The visual effects are brilliant colour changes, trails, holographic effects, and movement in all sorts of surfaces and patterns, while the mental effects seem to consistently be an uplifting childlike nature, with an air of euphoria, excitement, and interest in all things great and small. We believe it is the best out there, and would love to hear back from our customers with trip diaries and reports to verify this.


100ug will produce a mild trip, lasting around 6 hours, with mainly some colour enhancement, a good 2 hours or so of plateau involving moving visuals, and a smooth downside. This is recommended for the first timer. 150ug will produce a more intense experience lasting 8 - 10 hours, with trails, snaking patterns, and a 3 - 4 hour plateau. Recommended for those with some experience of psychedelics, but your first time trying Dr-Seuss' LSD. At 200ug, you are in for a good 12 hour ride, with some fun headiness and confusion likely, and a 5-6 hour plateau. This dosage is for the experienced and confident space cadet. And at 300ug you will be sent to another dimension entirely. This is not to be taken responsibly, and a trip sitter is recommended . Handle with care!

Some More Information on LSD:

Molecularly speaking, we can not really say that there are "different" types of LSD. It's the same chemical structure, the same molecule that we are trying to produce; Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: (6aR,9R)-N,N-diethyl-7-methyl-4,6,6a,7,8,9-hexahydroindolo-[4,3-fg]quinoline-9-carboxamide. Any other name or brand that you may hear, such as rose crystal or needlepoint, is not in fact that relevant to the purity of the crystal itself.

It is popularly believed that the colour of the crystal denotes it's purity. This holds some truth, however, with any complex chemical synthesis, there are a number of different routes of synthesis to get to the end product (eg. using ergotamine, bromocriptine, ergocryptine, paspalic acid, etc). Different routes involve different temperatures, reactions with different chemical compounds, and different purification and recrystallisation processes, which can produce a different hue in the colour of the final product.

This does not necessarily make a difference to the actual purity, although it can be some rough guide to the quality.  LSD will always have some small percentage of impurities the main one being iso-LSD, and then a smaller percentage of lysergic acid, and iso-lysergic acid amides. Depending on the ratios of such substances, different colours may appear in the final crystal..Thus, the hierarchy of quality, and the names given to each respective "class" used to be something along the lines of: Silver/Needlepoint > White Fluff > Amber/Champagne > Lavender/Rose Crystal > Black/Tornado Juice. Essentially, the more colour the crystal has, the more impurities are present, and thus the purest LSD should be off white with a neutral silvery hue as oppose to pink or yellow colouration. With this said, the only true way to know the purity of a compound is via spectroscopic analysis, such as liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), etc, and studying the graph it produces.

The presence of different iso's and amides are what would potentially cause different feelings and psychoactive effects from different "types" of LSD, such as bodyload, ranging effects between euphoria and anxiety, or a more visual vs heady trip. These may also cause different types of discolouration, along with un-reacted precursors, chemicals used in reactions, and finally with different infections from outside sources.

The main things which are likely to degrade crystal LSD are, chlorine (present in tap water), oxygen, and ultra violet light (sunlight). Thus, we lay using a pure ethanol:distilled H2O: solution in a 2:1 ratio, which is also the best means of long term storage, we do not leave our blotters laid and sitting in stock for long periods of time, and when we do store them, if at all, it is in double vacuum sealing and in a cold, dark, dry area. 

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