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Handmade Japanese Baby Set: suckpads/drool pads for baby carrier, rotatable bib, snappable napkin

A wonderful baby gift set, made in United Kingdom by Japanese hands. The lucky one will receive a lovely and very handy baby set: attach it to the straps of a baby carrier to have the napkin ready available, and just in the right position for cleaning the baby's mouth. It is an original and useful gift!

The set is made of:

• One bib

• Two suck pads (strap covers)

• One napkin, snappable to either pad

• A handy container bag

The bib and the pads are reversible: one side is decorated with black and white checkers, while the other one is the "towel side"; the napkin is made of white towel on both sides, so it can just be turned when one side is dirty.

The pads are to be fastened to the straps of a baby carrier via the velcro strips: the napkin can then be attached to either of them with the handy snap fastener, so that it is always ready to be used to clean the mouth of the little one. Of course you can also attach them to a buggy, or to a car safety seat, or to a backpack...

The bib is round, flower-shaped and hence rotatable, so whenever the bottom part becomes dirty it can be rotated to use a clean area.

All items are made of 100% cotton, plus the velcro strips (on the strap covers) and the plastic snap fastener (on the strap covers and the napkin).


• Bib: internal circumference: 31 cm (about 12 inches). Each petal is 6 to 10 cm long (2.4 to 4 inches) in its shortest/longest part.

• Napkin: about 17x24 cm (6.7 x 9.4 inches).

• Suck pads: open: about 18x22 cm (7 x 8.7 inches). Closed: 18x9 cm (7 x 3.5 inches); the velcro strips allow for a certain degree of size variation to fit the straps of the baby carrier.

Note: sizes might be slightly different on each piece, since they are hand made.

The first prototype of this set was made on request of a friend of mine, who asked for a set made of a bib and two drool pads for her baby; in Japan baby carriers are very widely employed and thus suck pads are starting to gain some popularity, as they can be used as a clean spot where the baby can rest his/her face, and they can be handy to quickly wipe the baby's mouth.

I had the idea to add a snappable, reversible napkin to provide an easier mean of cleaning the baby's face, and to prevent the pads to become dirty too quickly: my friend liked the addition, so I thought other people too might find this set useful.

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