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Bitcoin Private key Brute Force / Wallet Scanner / Cracker

For sale is my private, custom Bitcoin Wallet / Private key brute forcer.  What it does depending on your CPU speed is scan 500 wallets / second (CPU) and queries blockchain.info for any wallets containing a balance, or wallets that have been active and display/record its private key to file. If you have a good GPU, you can scan many more wallets/ hashes per second. ie:  You can check much more wallets if you're using a GPU compared to CPU to do the hashing.  You must install node.js to use the app. It runs in windows, OSX, or Linux. Must have basic knowledge of terminal / cmd prompt commands.  After you have node.js installed. Navigate to the directory - The command is: node app.js

It only works 1 computer per IP. if you have VPN, you can run multiple machines simultaneously.  

Be advised that your odds of finding a private key are very low, but its a fun app to run, nonetheless. 

Will email / skype or ICQ you the app & instructions upon purchase. 

below is a screenshot of my laptop running CPU scan:

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