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CryptoLive - Realtime Cryptocurrency Market Cap, Prices & More (+Free WP Plugin)

Live Cryptocurrency Market Caps, Prices, Charts and more!

CryptoLive allows you to create a powerful Market Capitalization website like CoinMarketCap.com or CryptoCompare with one major difference – all prices and information are  updated live in the browser.  

NEW: Free WordPress plugin!

CryptoLive now comes bundled with the WordPress shortcode version for free!. 

Please note: The wordpresss version is simplified and does not contain all of the features of the full PHP version shown in the demo. 

Fully Autopilot

Once you have the script installed & configured the script will automatically retrieve thousands of cryptocurrencies and populate your website with them. 

Fast & Live updates using WebSockets

CryptoLive utilises WebSockets to stream market data from major exchanges in the fastest way possible. WebSockets use the visitors browser to retrieve and update information – which makes this a very lightweight script. 

Single Coin Pages

Each Cryptocurrency has an inner page with market information, historical price charts and a live trade/update feed powered by WebSockets.  (Full PHP version only)  

No Database or Cron Jobs

This script is as lightweight as possible, utilising a JSON caching system to ensure your website remains fast without the need for a database or cronjobs. 

Custom Pages

Easily add new pages full of content to your website, a blank custom page template is provided.  (Full PHP version only)  

Faucet List Integration

Many faucet websites have a referral program that allows you earn cryptocurrency for every person who you send to their website. This is a screenshot of our referral earnings after just a few hours of our demo being live:

Owning a faucet list is a great way to earn Cryptocurrency passively.  (Full PHP version only)  


  • Beautiful design
  • Localbitcoins Affiliate Integration
  • Faucethub Referrals ( https://faucetlist.me/ Faucet list API )
  • Live data using WebSockets
  • Instant Search & Filtering/Sorting
  • Historical Price Charts
  • Live Trade Feeds
  • Bitcoin Donations
  • JSON Cache

Latest Updates

  • 25th Jan: Added WordPress plugin version to the download
  • 19th Jan: Added “coin code” & ability to search by code
  • 19th Jan: Replaced highcharts with google charts
  • 12th Jan: Added blank custom page at page.php
  • 12th Jan: Added basic ad spots
  • 12th Jan: Fixed more responsive issues
  • 12th Jan: Fixed https issue
  • 12th Jan: Fixed donation button error
  • 11th Jan: Fixed some responsive issues

More Information

https://codecanyon.net/collections/5784693-bitcoin-cryptocurrency-products http://emberthemes.net/hire.php

  https://web.archive.org/web/20180308001432/https://crypto.codeiva.com/               https://web.archive.org/web/20180308001432/https://crypto.codeiva.com/

Cryptolio Live Demo

Front end  :  https://web.archive.org/web/20180308001432/https://crypto.codeiva.com/ https://crypto.codeiva.com
Admin Panel  :  https://web.archive.org/web/20180308001432/https://crypto.codeiva.com/admin https://crypto.codeiva.com/admin

Password: admin 
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