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Cigarette Rolling Box, 110mm King Size, Blunt Size Roller box

These hand-cut cigarette rolling cases are made with real mahogany wood (sourced from Wisconsin). A variety of dyed colors are available. Please specify Red, Brown, or Gray. These cases roll extra large size 110mm cigarettes, cigars, and blunts. You can stored rolled cigarettes in this case (curved like a flask to fit in your pocket) or use it store loose tobacco and papers. 

The Rolling machine is very easy to operate. As shown in the image above : you open the case, load up the trough with tobacco, place a paper behind it (don't forget to wet the edge) and close the box .... out of the top comes a perfectly rolled cigarette or blunt!

These items are available to be customized, either with custom made stamps for images, or poetry / quotes provided by you. 

If want to showcase the look of the wood the red wood is gorgeous, very rich and saturated, and is a very good choice, but does not show the type or image strongly. If you want your message to stand out more, and not be hidden by the wood grain please consider either brown or grey wood as it has the greatest contrast.

Here is the smaller 70mm roller box, for roll your own sized standard cigarettes

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