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Exquisite earrings! Matched Muzo mined Columbian emeralds. Total weight 5.2 carat + diamonds

Magnificent, matched, Muzo mined, Columbian emeralds with a total weight of 5.2 ct.. Surrounded by 3.1 ct. of sparkling diamonds all set in 14 kt. white gold. These are gorgeous and highly desirable! Emeralds of this size and quality can cost between $5500 and $7,000/ ct. and with the diamonds and mountings costing about $3850, these earrings could sell for $29,850! Some might sell these emeralds for $5000/ct.. Here we are selling these for $3000/ct. and and no chatrge for the diamonds and settings! It is a SCREAMING DEAL! Call quickly and buy.  NOW   $ 15,600

Store cryptojewelry
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Categories Emeralds
Price 15600 USD
Condition New
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