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A Rookie's Guide to Python [UDEMY course]

Learning a new programming language is easy, and it is something that can really change your life! I often see courses claiming that you can "Learn To Make Video Games (No Programming Needed!)" But unfortunately if you want to make anything more advanced than flappy bird you'll need a programming language under your belt. Learning programming is fundamental to any career in the software industry, games or otherwise, and Python is a great starting point.

This course is aimed at programmers looking to learn the basics of Python programming and assumes no prior knowledge . Python is an incredibly easy language to pick up on, it is written in straightforward English and is colour coded for maximum usability. Despite that it is powerful! Fully fledged programs are built running it. Companies using it to run their technologies include Google, Yahoo, CERN and NASA!


What Will I Learn?

  • Program console applications in Python
  • Understand the basics of object orientated programming

  • Apply their knowledge to any programming language!

  • Understand good programming practice
  • Create simple games and programs

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