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Girl Scout Cookie

THC: 20%   CBD: <2% 

It's not hard to understand why Girl Scout Cookie has become one of the most popular west coast strains. When you open the bag you will first notice a very citrus scent with some musky earth tones. That belies the biscuity bakey flavor you get when smoked, hence the name.

This is a great all purpose strain that is perfect for parties. A nice but not intense head high combines with a relaxing body stone that just feels good all over. Giddiness will combine with an easing of social anxiety that is great for get togethers. Well, maybe it depends. If you have friends that have trouble shutting the fuck up this could send their yack meter right off the scale. Just saying.

This GSC is the best of the best. The top one percent. Perfectly cured, tightly trimmed, and covered in sugar this is one flower you must try. 

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