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Green Crack

THC: 22%    CBD: <2%

Often referred to as Green Cush (avoiding the "crack" stigma), Green Crack is arguably the better name. If you are subject to the paranoids stay away from this strain. You can expect an intense head high and euphoria with some even reporting visuals. 

This is an awesome choice for wake-n-bake daytime enjoyment. Great for hitting the slopes or any outdoor activity. Green Crack will fight fatigue and sharpen your senses. Not a bad choice for getting those creative juices going while you're writing that novel either. Because of these effects it is not recommended for use at bedtime.

While the medical benefits of GC are limited, you can't beat it for pain relief. The high THC levels can provide hours of relief from even the most stubborn pain.

The Green Crack offered here represents the best of the best. The top one percent. Very tight trim and dense hard nugs. Perfectly cured for a nice smooth smoke. GC has a wonderful citrus scent with a hint of earthy tones. Flower of this quality should be on everyone's bucket list. Spoiler alert: You will get spoiled :) 

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