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Pentester Academy - VoIP Traffic Analysis

Today, all enterprises, large and small depend on VoIP to provide voice communication both internally and externally to the company. Most organizations even have dedicated Voice VLANs and/or physical ports to carry VoIP traffic. Hence, it is important to understand VoIP traffic, security concerns and its encryption/decryption for network forensics and Red-Blue teaming purposes. This course does exactly that! 

A non-exhaustive list of topics to be covered include:

  • VoIP protocol basics

  • VoIP traffic analysis

    • SIP + RTP

    • SIP over TLS + RTP

    • SIP + SRTP

    • SIP over TLS + SRTP

  • VoIP traffic types

    • Voicemail

    • Two caller

    • Conference call

    • SIP messaging

    • DTMF 

  • VoIP call decryption

    • Challenges and Limitations

    • Existing tools

    • Custom Wireshark plugin

  • VoIP REGISTER message analysis

    • Capture and hash extraction

    • Cracking the password

  • VoIP Home Lab setup

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